3 Proven Profitable Online Business You Can Start As A Beginner


If you have been planning to start your own business, but don’t know what business you can start that will be profitable, you have come to the right place. In this post I will share a blueprint of 3 proven profitable online business you can start even as a beginner.   The best is that you can start any of them right now with little or no money.

If you are working 9-5 job, this is an easy way to create another income stream in addition to what you are earning in your fulltime job.

Another good thing about these business models is that they are evergreen, meaning you can bet your financial future on any of them. They have been around for some years and they will continue to be around for many more years to come.

The 3 business models are as follows;

Affiliate Marketing

Information Marketing Business


So let’s dive in now

Online Business Model #1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which affiliates receive a commission for each visit, signup or sale they generate for a merchant. This arrangement allows businesses to outsource part of the sales process.

With affiliate marketing you are paid a commission for referring people who make purchases. Often times this  comes in the form of a percentage of sales or with a set amount per referred sale.

The goal with affiliate marketing is to find quality products to promote in hungry niche market. You want to match what people are searching for     with a solution. Once you get your traffic source figured out affiliate marketing can be very lucrative.

The interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that you can start at any time as long as you know how to market on the internet.

Not only are you getting to sell a product without having to invest any time or money on creation – but you’re also able to choose a tried and tested seller. In other words, you can pick something that you can already see is selling really well. And there’s no limit to your earnings here either: if you want more money, you simply find a more expensive product. Or maybe you end up taking on 2 or 10 affiliate products and earning from all of them.

How to Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

So how does this actually work? To begin with, you need to find a product that you want to sell. The easiest way to do this is through an affiliate network such as the following;

JVZoo (www.jvzoo.com)

Commission Junction (www.cj.com)

ClicBank (www.clickbank.com)

WSOPro (www.warriorforum.com/warrior-specialoffers/)

or others.

Here, you’ll then be able to find a massive list of affiliate products along with the amount they’ve sold, the commission they’re offering and their price. You then find something that appeals to you and that fits your niche and you apply for an ‘affiliate link’. That link is basically a special URL that directs people to the page where they can buy the product while also storing a cookie on their computer to show that you sent them. If they click your link and then buy the product within a certain time frame, it is logged as your sale and you get the commission.  Very straightforward!

Your job then is to simply promote that affiliate link, which you can do in a number of ways. You might for instance decide to simply set up an advertising campaign using Facebook Ads or AdWords. As long as you’re paying less for the advertising than you’re earning from the sales, then this will be an effective method. Another option is to use your own channels. If you create a large email list then you can send your affiliate link around those subscribers after you’ve built their trust. Or if you have a blog, you can promote the link that way. You can even promote the links via social media, or using ‘real world’ posters and flyers. Or how about a YouTube channel? Either way, this is a very simple and straightforward business model that lets you earn big cash without having to invest anything or take any risks yourself. There are some very well known figures in the affiliate marketing industry which include the likes of John Chow (www.johnchow.com) who is now somewhat famous online and regularly attends talks and interviews. Other big names include Mark Link and Rae Hoffman. All these people now live incredible lifestyles enjoying passive income while they travel the world or spend more time with their families.

One last point to consider is that there are also a number of affiliate programs aimed at people who want to sell physical products. The best known of these is Amazon’s Associate Program (https://affiliateprogram.amazon.com/) This lets you promote any product on Amazon for commission, potentially opening you up to a much wider audience. Bear in mind though that these sales offer much smaller commissions – typically about 3-10% of the retail price.

There are two places you can go to find products to promote.

The first is the Amazon Affiliate program. You can click the link below to sign up as an affiliate for Amazon.


Some states in the USA don’t allow you to be an Amazon affiliate, so you can simply do a Google search for your favorite online store with the phrase “affiliate program” after it.

On Amazon you can promote almost all of their products for commissions ranging from 4% up to about 15%. It may not seem like a lot, but with popular physical products you can end up selling enough to where it makes sense.

Also, a key to anything online is to diversify. So once you start making money in one affiliate marketing niche market, you should rinse and repeat what is working for another niche.

If you are making $100/month in commissions either do more to make more in that niche, or start into another niche market so you can make

$200/month. Then keep building. We call that scaling up.

Another place where you can find products to promote is Clickbank. You can visit them online at www.clickbank.com.

They allow content creators to create and sell information products or how‐to products. They have everything from courses teaching survival techniques to relationship advice to tips on losing weight and methods to cure back pain.

They have been around for over 18 years now, and have paid out billions of dollars in commissions.

I like them because you can make typically 50% to 75% per sale because most of their products are digital products.

You can start promoting affiliate products by registering to become an affiliate through an affiliate network or through the product owner. If you are approved, you can start by utilizing the following methods;

  1. Insert affiliate links in your product reviews and tutorials.
  2. Add affiliate links to your resources page.
  3. Place affiliate banners on your website.
  4. Use affiliate links in your newsletters and email sequences.
  5. Embed affiliate links into your video content

This is a simple way to get started with affiliate marketing.

For more in depth insight on making money as an affiliate check out

Online Business Model #2: Information Marketing Business…How to turn your knowledge or expertise into income

Another fun and relatively simple way to earn real income online is to sell information products.

This is one of the most lucrative business on earth today. And the good news is that you can start and run it on part-time basis, without an office, without an employee and can be started with little or no investment.

Information marketing business is about turning your expertise or  expertise of another person into a downloadable product that can be in form of text, audio or video which tends to help people solve their problems or tells them how to do something.

For example, an information product could tell people how to lose weight, design a website, cure bad breath, make their marriage more blissful and romantic, put up shelves, apply makeup, or start a business, etc.

There are so many things people would like to learn or so many problems people are looking for solutions. Therefore, the opportunity to make money in this business is so enormous.

You can set it up to run on autopilot and still be earning you passive income.

And above all…

It is so easy to create and market.

It is so cheap to produce.

Types Of Info Products




Home Study Courses



Video Tutorials

Live Online Trainings

Why information products?…

Easy to create.

Low overhead.

No inventory headaches.

Can sell on autopilot 24/7.

Passive income.

Credibility builder.

Easy way for a solopreneur to work for themselves.

Can run the business anywhere there is an Internet connection.

How People Are Making Money From Information Products

So how do you turn this into a money making business model? One good example we can turn to is “Agora Publishing”

This is a website that sells a wide variety of different informational products, in diverse areas such as… investing in stocks, travelling, business advice, weight loss and other health matters, etc…

To make money from this business model is to turn your knowledge, expertise or your life experience into downloadable product like ebook, video course, short report, email series, audio training etc that provides solution to someone or helps someone to achieve their desire.

In terms of how to promote this business it works better if you can build an audience who trust you and regard you as an authority in your chosen niche.

The more you add content to your website in the form of a blog, the more people will be able to find your website via Google and the more people are likely to share your content on social media as well.  Adding content to a blog also allows you to build trust with your audience. The people who enjoy your content on the website will find themselves wanting more and trusting what you have to say. This then means they’ll be far more likely to want to buy your products when they see that you provide even more information behind a small pay wall.  This method is called content marketing.  Actually though, there are also other methods you can use to sell a digital product. For instance, you can sell a digital product via social media, on forums or even through Amazon (for Kindle). Another option is to let other people promote your product for you and to simply take a cut of the profits.

How to Create Your First Information Product

So there are lots of options when it comes to selling a digital product. Simply put, this is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get a product that you can then start promoting and marketing.

But how do you go about making one? There are plenty of options here but in many cases you’ll be able to simply handle the creation of your digital product yourself.

If you are selling an eBook for instance then you only need to create a large MSWord document, include some images and good formatting and then save the final file as a PDF.

Alternatively, if you’re creating a video series, then you can just film yourself on camera and then edit the video neatly using editing software such as Adobe Photo Shop.

Creating an email course is even easier. For this, all you’ll need is to write out some emails and then sign up to an autoresponder which you can use to automatically send your emails. A good choice is AWeber (www.aweber.com).

The main tip when doing this is to make sure you come up with a digital product that will play to your strengths and that you can be proud of. It’s very important to come up with a digital product you’re proud of because that way you’ll be able to promote it much more easily. When you talk about a product you truly believe in, your passion will come across and people will be far more likely to believe in what you’re offering too.

If you’re kind of shy of the quality of what you’ve created, then your marketing will lack conviction and you won’t attract repeat customers. In terms of creating something that plays to your strengths, that means picking a topic that you know a lot about and that is relevant to the topic or niche of your website and it means creating something you can create well.

If you’re a great writer, then write an eBook! If you aren’t so good at writing though but have an excellent manner on camera, then film a video series!

If you can’t do either of those things, then consider using screenshots of your computer/creating slideshows and then narrating them. Alternatively, another popular option is to simply outsource the creation of your digital information product.

There are thousands of writers, video editors and other skilled individuals on the web and any one of them will likely be happy to help.  The best places to find these people are generally freelancing sites which include the likes of ‘Elance’ (www.elance.com) or ‘UpWork’ (www.upwork.com).

On either of these you should be able to find someone with the skills you need and from there it will cost you between $100 and $1,000 depending on the nature of the job you need done and the quality you are looking for (good writers will generally charge upwards of $3 per 100 words).

Online Business Model #3: Freelancing

With freelancing you get paid to do work for other online business owners.

Here are some common things you can get paid for: writing articles, writing and submitting press releases, writing blog posts, video editing, Photoshop work, other graphic design work, creating videos, doing SEO on their website to help them rank in the search engines, do backlinking work, social media management, transcriptions, etc.

Working as a freelancer is great because you can make a living doing what you love. Thanks to the Internet and a host of freelancing websites that brings talents and business owners together.

Freelancing has become a viable online business model that millions of people are taking advantage of currently. However, if you are looking for a more passive online business where you have to put in minimal effort, this online business model might not be for you.

Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr, act as a platform where freelancers and businesses can interact with one another and work for each other in a safe environment. They work to maintain trust and confidence for both parties, and in return, they charge a small fee for each project completed on the site.

Here are some of the most commonly used websites that you can use to get your freelance business started.

Fiverr A freelance service platform, Fiverr (https://fiverr.com) is specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs in their quest to find viable, online work. It provides special features and tools that can help businesses find talent in the massive community of online freelancers. The site allows people to work both for a long-term contract, as well as short-term and one time contracts. Whether a business needs a graphic designer, writer, programmer, advertiser, or other talents, they can search the site quickly a

hire a suitable candidate that has the required experience and expertise that is needed for the particular project.

The great thing about Fiverr is that you don’t have to pay any money to join. All you need to do is sign up for an account and start working. Building a good reputation and dealing with clients is up to you. The more effort you put in and the harder you work, the more you will succeed. The site only charges a fee to make sure that both parties comply with the agreement set forth.

If you want to have access to some of the other features, you can sign up for a premium package.

Upwork Currently, Upwork (https://upwork.com) has the largest pool of employers and freelancers out of all the freelancing websites. It is great for businesses of all sizes with projects ranging from small to large.

The site has made the hiring process easier by merely listing the talent based on the level of skills and the type of niche. In addition, the site has the abilities to detect fake profiles and fake workers and works to eliminate these factors. It is free for general use but costs a bit more if you want to gain access to additional features. The features include customized reporting, hiring assistance, and funding and consolidated pricing plans.

Upwork features a hassle-free screening system for employers. With the impersonal nature of working as a freelancer, it can be challenging to maintain mutual trust, which is a prerequisite for good performance. Upwork provides chat scheduling and a profile browsing system which helps to create a personal connection between both parties. It allows the buyers to interview the seller first and interact with them before they set the first milestone.

Freelancer.com Another easy to use, freelancing website is Freelancer.com (https://freelancer.com), which is a marketplace with a crowdsourcing system. The site can connect you with millions of buyers that are located in over 247 countries around the world. It offers specific plans to use all the basic and premium tools. The website has gained the trust of the professionals working in creative, technical, and professional spheres.

The site allows you to easily place a bid on offers related to accounting, writing, marketing, data entry, engineering, or software development. The recruitment process is fuss-free which provides a solution to the problems that are often associated with hiring clients. Sellers can search the site and browse the employer portfolios and place bids on the project if it seems like a fit for your particular skills. The site also guarantees a secure payment method, which is protected by the site. Once the employee is satisfied with the work, the payment is immediately released in favor of the freelancer.

If you want to get started with FIVERR, you click here to download our in-depth training guide.

The key to making money online is to be consistent. Whatever you do,

just be consistent, and don’t give up even if it feels like nothing is happening. That breakthrough is not far away